Filo Kiralamanın "Güvenilir Yolu"

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    AUDİ A4


    Model Year:2021

    Engine Volume (cm3) :2.0

    Maximum Power, (hp/dd) :190 HP




        The specified monthly rental amount is exclusive to 36-month rentals and 0 kilometers per year for 2021-model vehicles. Special offer is subject to availability.

        1. The prices offered for AUDI A4 vehicles are starting prices and may vary depending on the equipment features of the vehicles.
        2. Pratik Filo reserves the right to alter vehicle models and rental prices, and to agree or refuse to rent.
        3. The prices do not include VAT.
        4. Special offer is valid until the next announcement and is subject to availability For further information, please call +90 549 335 35 01.