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    Please choose the vehicle that suits your needs, and fill in the contact form and submit it to us. One of our consultants will contact you for help as soon as possible.


    Pratik Filo has developed a new "Online Transactions" module to help you benefit from higher-quality fleet management services. Pratik Filo continuously improves its business processes under its "Happy Customer" vision and brings increasingly modern services to its customers through its ever-growing vehicle park. You can submit all your requests regarding your vehicles online and benefit from our solution-oriented services.

    Maintenance - Service Request
    Tire Request
    Traffic Fine
    HGS (Fast Transit System) Fine
    Online and Printed Damage Notification Form
    For Tire Maintenance and Service
    +90 546 718 65 02
    For Traffic and HGS (Fast Transit System) Fine
    +90 546 718 65 03