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    Utilize Your Cash To Grow Your Business

    Renting is purchasing only the part of a vehicle that you use, while purchasing means paying the full price of a vehicle. And paying the full price of a vehicle means having assets with no return. Moreover, if you use your finances to purchase vehicles, your monthly payments will turn out much higher than the amount you would pay for fleet rental. With the advantages fleet rental offers, you can utilize your untapped capital for growing your business. Renting a fleet, also allows you to manage your taxes by writing off all of your monthly payments.

    Save on Time

    Since Pratik Filo takes care of all the purchases for your car fleet, you never have to deal with ordering, waiting and delivery processes, thus saving on time.

    Priority Service

    Buying your own car fleet means you will have to spend time and energy dealing with maintenance and repairs. Using the services of PRATİK FLEET RENTAL, on the other hand, means you can let us handle the maintenance issues, lowering your maintenance service costs. Moreover, thanks to the contracted services of PRATİK FLEET RENTAL throughout Turkey, you always get priority service and always feel at ease.

    Insurance Premiums

    The compulsory traffic insurance and motor own damage insurances are arranged for you, while substantial discount advantages of PRATİK FLEET RENTAL are reflected in your rental price.

    Financial Advantages

    You think that your business needs a vehicle fleet. However, choosing the vehicle and model that suits your needs, receiving quotes, handling legal transactions, fleet management, maintenance and repair processes and the related losses of labor-time, and the subsequent procurement procedures for vehicle renewal will become time-consuming issues that require a solution. Whereas, you seek to dedicate this time to your business and earnings.

    Monthly Fixed Payment

    Take advantage of paying a fixed amount every month. Your payments are fixed on monthly basis. You can plan your budget accordingly and enjoy the advantage of paying the same amount every month.

    Let Us Manage Your Fleet

    Ease of management: You do not have to waste time and energy by dealing with the maintenance, repair, road assistance, insurance and motor vehicle taxes of your vehicles.

    Delivery to Any Location of Your Choosing

    The vehicles you rent from PRATİK FLEET RENTAL are delivered at your doorstep at any desired location throughout Turkey.