Active time management;

We often hear the same things from our customers;

  • We sent an e-mail to XXX company and made a phone call about the malfunction, but there was no response.”

  • It has been a week and we have not received any positive or negative feedback.”

  • Customer service is not interested enough and we are confused about what to do.

Workflows go very fast with us. We respond to requests in the fastest way and offer solutions. This creates a sense of trust in our customers.

Non-444 Lines

We offer services with customer representatives working 24/7 instead of 444-lines in cases of accident and breakdown.

Motor Insurance Issue;

All vehicles in our fleet are under the guarantee of Allianz Insurance. In addition to our non-exempt policies, our discretionary liability insurance, which protects our customers in case of damage to third parties and goods, comes into play.

Service Network;

Vehicles rented from Pratik Filo can receive service at any authorized service point in Turkey’s 81 provinces. As a company, we continue on our way with only an authorized services network.

We continue to produce solutions all over Turkey with 24/7 towing support.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of long-term car rental?
  • During the contract period, you can benefit from services such as

    • cost fixation,

    • elimination of fleet management costs and time losses,

    • and replacement vehicle support.

What are the tax advantages of long-term car rental?

The most important advantage is that you stick to a fixed-term commitment and are not affected by increasing costs throughout the year.

I had an accident with the rented car. What should I do?

You can get information by calling the customer representative designated for your company 24/7 without any time limit.

Is there a KM limit for long-term rented vehicles?

KM limits are determined by a contract.


How should vehicles be selected in Long Term Car Rental?

In vehicle selections, a decision can be made by expert sales consultants among the vehicles in the Pratik Filo stocks, according to your needs and demands.

Is it possible to change the vehicle in long-term rentals?

Vehicle change can be made according to the contract conditions.


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